DrHippi Wins Hearthstone’s EU Summer Championship

This weekend played host to one of the bigger events in Hearthstone’s calendar, the European Summer Championship. It was an eventful tournament, to say the least, with a number of big surprises.

The best Hearthstone players from Europe met together in Los Angeles to compete for the grand prize of $25,000 alongside an invite to the World finals at BlizzCon this year.

The eight best European players took part in the knockout tournament, beginning with Georgec vs Cerasi, then Viper vs Ikealyou, DrHippi vs Likeabawse and finally Dizdemon vs Grayj.

Georgec certainly looked like the strongest contender of the weekend, opening the show with a strong 4-0 win against Cerasi. In the semis he took on the ever popular – and equally confident – Ikealyou, who he managed to stop with a fairly comfortable 4-2 win.

DrHippi, however, hadn’t looked nearly as confident when – in his first match against Likeabawse – he had failed to get his Warrior deck to work for three rounds in a row. After winning the first four rounds, DrHippi fed three wins over to his opposition until he was finally able to make the class work against Likeabawse’s Shaman deck.

This repeated in the semis where DrHippi faced DizDemon, again failing with the Warrior for one round until he came up against another Shaman deck. At 4-2 the game wasn’t quite as close, but DrHippi certainly looked confident throughout.

In the grand finals Georgec initially looked to lose his composure that he had displayed earlier in the tournament. In attempting to make his Freeze Mage deck work, Georgec lost the first three rounds until – finally – he was able to take two rounds against Hippi’s Miracle Rogue.

DrHippi was able to make the Miracle Rogue deck work in game six, however, where Georgec’s attempt at Hunter put an end to his progress, taking the game 4-2 and leading to Hippi’s win at the tournament. DrHippi will automatically head to BlizzCon later this year.

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