The Players Set For Hearthstone World Champs Quarterfinals

BlizzCon is on the way and with last weekend’s group stage of the Hearthstone World Championship having now been finished, the final eight players have now been decided.

The knockout phase of the HCT this coming weekend will be played with Jasonzhou versus Hamster, Amnesiasc versus Pavel, Che0nsu versus Cydonia and HotMeowth versus DrHippi.

Group A was topped by Jason Zhou who won both his games in the group stage. However, his match between Cydonia – who came in second – was a close one, ending 4-3 to Zhou.

In all, however, Cydonia had a more confident group stage, winning his two matches against Handsomeguy 4-0 and then 4-1. Meanwhile JasonZhou’s only other game – against ThijsNL – also came in 4-3.

Group B was won by Che0nsu who beat both his games with a comfortable 4-2. Hamster came in second, who lost his game against Che0nsu and was forced into a playoff match against Bbgungun – which he won with a clean 4-0 victory.

It was Amnesiasc who won Group B with DrHippi coming in second. Amnesiasc had the best results of the group stage, winning both his games at a total of 8-3, even winning his game against DrHippi 4-1. DrHippi in the meantime had a much harder time of it, and came in second with a 9-9 win/loss ratio.

The final group was something of a shock to many, however, with one of the favourites for the tournament – OmegaZero, kept from qualifying into the knockout round thanks to Pavel.

HotMeowth, one of the top Hearthstone players, came in first place with two strong victories, meaning the battle for second place was between Pavel and OmegaZero.

Despite Omega’s initial three game lead, Pavel took the next four games back to back to stop him in his tracks and block him from qualifying from the group stage.

The Hearthstone World Championship Tournament continues this weekend at BlizzCon, with the eight qualified finalists battling against one another over the course of two days to find out who will emerge the victor.

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