FaZe eSports Now Expanding Into Overwatch

For Call Of Duty fans, FaZe Clan might mean something. This is a team that made a name for itself creating trickshot Call Of Duty YouTube videos before expanding into eSports a few years ago.

At this point FaZe Red achieved great results and has gone on to be a significant player in the world of eSports. Now it’s expanding into Ovewatch, too, the FPS from Blizzard that recently launched to great success.

FaZe Clan’s new Overwatch roster includes:

  • Sabian “CLAMP” Hayblum: @FaZeCLAMP
  • Daniel “fRoD” Montaner: @OfficialfRoD
  • Kevin “Wonderfuls” Nguyen: @FaZeWonderfuls
  • Lucas “mendokusaii” Hakansson: @FaZeMendokusaii
  • Marcel “Veineless” Lehmann: @FaZeVeineless
  • Elvinas “evokje” Padegimas: @FaZeEvokje

“The biggest reason we’re so excited about this roster is they come with a strong eSports background,” claims the Facebook post announcing the new Overwatch team.

Captain of the team, CLAMP, has won multiple World Championships in Quake eSports, fRoD has many victories with Counter Strike and was named Player of the Decade.

But this team, which was previously named Mendokusaii, managed to win 57 games back to back without a single loss in its first season before forming this new FaZe squad.

This isn’t FaZe Clan’s most recent move into other games, too. Though Call Of Duty was its bread and butter, the team recently bought G2 Esports roster in January, turning the team into FaZe Clan and attending tournaments under the new name.

Most recently the team qualified in the top position for ESL One: Cologne, so it will be interesting to see what happens for the CS:GO squad in the coming weeks.

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