Hearthstone Expansion & Sombra Revealed At BlizzCon

Last weekend played hosted to the most exciting event on every Blizzard fan’s calendar: BlizzCon. There was much going on, and while we didn’t get the Diablo 4 announcement everyone was expecting it’s still been a pretty packed weekend.

One exciting new thing is the announcement of Overwatch League, an official competitive tournament set up by Blizzard that looks to be one of the most professional and ambitious esports leagues yet.

So rather than spend much longer explaining everything Blizzard to you, let’s jump in to the events of BlizzCon 2016…

Hearthstone’s Mean Streets of Gadgetzan & The HCT Winner

The next expansion pack has been revealed, marking this as the third full expansion pack for the game to be released this year, and the fourth in total.

Set in the seedy underbelly of Gadgetzan, this expansion pack will introduce a host of criminal-themed cards – introducing the likes of the Hunter weapon Piranha Launcher – which summons a 1/1 piranha minion – a set of cards intended to discover cards from one of the different classes and even a card that lets you create your own custom spell.

The expansion pack is expected to be released at some point in December, so look out for that.

Meanwhile the Hearthstone Championship Tournament also took place, with the hype surrounding the likes of JasonZhou, Hamster, Amnesiac and HotMeowth ultimately amounting to very little.

The grand finals took place between DrHippi and Pavel, two of the most decorated Hearthstone players so far. DrHippi won his first game with relative ease, but Pavel went on the aggressive and took three games back to back.

Hippi was unable to really come back from that as he struggled to get his Druid deck to stick. He won one more after switching to Warlock but, when back on the Druid, lost once more to Pavel who then took the tournament and $250,000 of the $1 million prize pool.

Overwatch’s Sombra Officially Revealed & The Winners Of The World Cup

Before reading on, first take a look at the announcement of Overwatch League – Blizzard’s new esports league for Overwatch that looks to traditional sports for its inspiration.

After months of speculation and leaked information ahead of BlizzCon 2016, a Sombra announcement wasn’t likely to surprise anyone this weekend.

But all the same, a new hero is always going to be something to get excited about.

Sombra is a more stealth-based character who has the ability to hack structures – like Torbjörn’s turrets – health pickups and even other players to stun them for a brief period.

Her abilities allow her to go invisible for a short period of time, the aforementioned hacking ability, a translator to quickly teleport around the map and her ultimate, a huge EMP blast that stuns all enemies in a rather large area.

As you might expect she’s mostly a character about deception, disappearing and teleporting about the place so that she can get close enough to disable defences and knockout a defending team – she’s a great initiator.

As for the World Cup, well that was pretty exciting too. The final was played between South Korea and Russia, but SK had already shown so much promise earlier in the tournament so it was perhaps not a surprise to learn that they won 4-0 in a fairly comfortable victory.

Russia never rolled over, of course, but it was clear from the start which was the stronger team.

It was the match between Sweden and Finland earlier that day that really excited, however. It was a much closer and though it was still only for third-place – for a tournament without a cash prize pool, remember – it was an intense match as Sweden managed to hold onto a 99% capture without letting up.

Definitely one of the most exciting moments of Overwatch competition so far.

Overwatch’s Sombra Showcased

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