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GINX Everywhere is our new online live and on demand service, bringing GINX to your wherever you are from just £1.99/month.



You can watch GINX on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Play TV, FILMON, Magine depending on your location.


We are a TV channel, so of course you can find us on your TV! We are available in over 50 different countries.

 Find GINX in your Country

CountryHouseholdsAvailable on
United-Kingdom UK13,500,000Sky Ch470, Virgin Media Ch290,
Challenge TV
France France13,180,776Bouygues BBox (242)
Freebox (128)
Numéricable (317)
La TV d'Orange (127)
SFR TV (182)
Belgium Belgium/Lux93,259Numéricable Ch89
Bosnia-and-Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina30.958Total TV (94),
Telemach (118)
Croatia Croatia328,471Total TV Hrvatska (85)
Vipnet (88)
Opti TV
Cyprus Cyprus8,000Cable net
Czech-Republic Czech Republic986,000Poda
Satro (86)
Germany Germany3,539,470Kabeldeutschland SonderkanalK38 / D610 / Programmplatz 846
Unity Media (284)
Israel IsraelPartner Israel
Greece GreeceHellas Online (448)
Iceland Iceland6,000Skjarinn
Indonesia IndonesiaBig TV (927), TransVision (515)
Kenya KenyaZuku (740)
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaOSN (Channel 616), STC Invision
Macedonia Macedonia8,026Total TV Make
Donija (124)
Malaysia MalaysiaABN Malaysia (270)
Malawi MalawiZuku (740)
Malta Malta35,697Melita TV (361)
Montenegro Montenegro31,307Total TV Crna Gora (104)
Netherlands Netherlands360,000KPN (330)
Scarlet ITV
Norway Norway8,293Canal Digital Kabel-TV 129
Get Norway
Portugal Portugal520,291ZON (140)
Vodafone (43)
Poland Poland151,567Chopin (423) frequency 834, Gold package
Elsat (110)
Toya (222)
Vectra (217), Play NOW (FUN packet)
Romania Romania1,335,538Telekom Romania Dolce (156)
Nextgen TV digital (62)
Serbia Serbia252,018Total TV Srbija (112)
IKOM (113)
Singapore SingaporeStarHub Online (475)
Slovenia Slovenia234,296AMIS (128)
Telekom Slovenije (SiOL - 303)
Slovakia Slovakia414,332Slovak Telekom
Sweden SwedenCom Hem (157)
Magine TV:
United-Arab-Emirates United Arab EmiratesOSN (channel 616), MyHD
Tanzania TanzaniaZuku (740)
Uganda UgandaZuku (740)
United-States USAFILMON
Zambia ZambiaZuku (740)
Amazon Fire TV
Samsung Smart TV